Carlos Piper


its crazy how I been locked up and still able to do shit these dudes out on the street struggle to do! I’ve been I. prison for 11 years I’ll be going home in 4 months finally! and I just dropped a new single! I would really appreciate if any and everybody can support me the song could be heard on these platforms

YouTube: 2toaster los 2toaster los
IG: 2toaster los
Facebook: los young
and it is now streaming on
for $1.65 here is the information to look it up
Song: that’s what i like
on CDbaby. com!! y’all can support by buying the single or posting links from or YouTube and tagging me on my Facebook, for all those that listen to the song please dont hesitate to reach out to me on any of the platforms I’ve listed above but the most convenient for me to respond back would be though jpay or Facebook I would love to hear the feed back and opinion on those who listened to the song! and for anyone who sings or raps women or men Holla at me I write 6 different genres here is the info to contact me once again
jpay: Carlos Piper 680422-D
Facebook: los young
IG: 2toaster los
2toastlos@gmail. com 2toaster los> look for…
Artists: 2toaster los
Song Title: that’s what I like
(thanks to anyone who supports my music hit me up for collaborations/features, and any showcases or bookings after June 30th 2020!

Carlos Piper #680422D
NJ State Prison
P.o box 861
Trenton NJ 08625

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