My Medical Ordeal, by Robert Rambo

So while everyone out in society is dealing with the COVID-19 Coronavirus stuff, I having been dealing with my own medical ordeal. Here at Nottoway Correctional Center in Burkeville, VA, there are about 1400 inmates and to my knowledge we have been fortunate not to have any issues of coronavirus cases here, but NOBODY (inmate wise) has been tested either. While I don’t think I have anything to worry about, I have lost a significant amount of weight during my ordeal that it concerns me.

Since the end of February. I have spent a total of 27 days in the medical infirmary in two separate trips dealing with low back and leg pain including severe sciatica. I’ve had a steroid shot in my back and been to Farmville ER for a rush job MRI which I know shows 3 bulging disks (L3-L4, L4-L5, & L5-S1) same as last year’s MRI. I have begged to just be admitted to a hospital the pain was so overwhelming. I have lost about 40 pounds, just not eating or wanting to eat while in medical. My weight dropped from being 195 on March 1st to only weighting 158.9 pounds of May 1st and I probably lost another 5 pounds or so by May 8th. I’m 50 years old and I haven’t been this thin in 30 years. My normal weight is around 185. I had my kids and even my lawyer call up here only to get no answers/voicemail run around.

After 19 days this time, I am back in the pod as of Friday May 9th. I still have the underlying problem with my back and more specifically my sciatic nerve in my left leg. Now that my system is clear of all medications (my choice for now) I can better get a feel for what is or isn’t working. Even thought I have been doing nothing but resting, the nerve itself is staying irrated. Any inflammation should be gone by now as much meds as they were pushing down my throat. If I am laying down it’s not too bad. As soon as I stand & start to walk it starts shooting an electric like pulse racing down/back up the the leg non stop. If I sit or lay down it calms back down. I just need to continue to take it very easy and slow while I wait to talk/see the neurosurgeon about my MRI results and his opinion. Hopefully this coming week. I am hoping to finally get surgery done this time. This back problem and sciatica issue have been a problem for years, but last year’s episode and especially this one have been the WORST ever. Typically the worst of it only last a few days, walking is difficult for a couple of weeks or so. Then within about a month to 6 weeks, I am perfectly fine. I am determined that surgery has to be done finally. I cannot take this continuing ever year or so.

My stomach problems were a result of all the meds – 2 different nerve pills, 2 Tylenol 500, an anti inflammatory, a blood pressure pill because it so elevated from the pain, and 2 other pills unrelated to the back and leg combined with I just didn’t want eat anything. There were several days, the only thing I ate was 1/2 of an orange or a handful of Doritos and just water. Plus the bright light stays on 24/7 so my sleep pattern was crazy.

It’s now Sunday May 10th, With some normal sleep and some food my stomach has now calmed down. I am easily 35 to 40 pounds lighter that I was, before everything started. I am going to try to get back to about 170 without it just being fat. If I can just get the leg pain/back resolved. Another stay in medical will probably finish me off. No disrespect, but the prison medical infirmary is NOT like being in a hospital as far the level of care. They check your vitals twice a day & hand you your pills. That’s about the some of it. The doctor is good if you can to him.
When I got to the pod Friday, a bunch of the guys came to check on me and offer any help. One of my friends even offered to fix me a big meal like we eat every so often. He fixed about a 5 plus pound wrap with beef brisket, sausage, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, pickle, corn, pizza sauce, soups all baked into a couple wraps. About 6 to 8 inches circular and 3 to 4 inches thick, wrapped in chip bags & newspaper then baked to a light crisp. It was more food that I had eaten in the last three weeks combined. I ate half of it on Friday and the rest Saturday morning and it was GREAT! Thank you Les! Now at least I can start to regain some stregthen in my body & get somewhat back to normal.
Most of my friends in the pod are 40 to 70 year guys with an average weight of 200 to 240. They believe competitive eating is a real sport and the microwave is the starting line, so I look like a toothpick compared to them.

Anyways nothing new on the legal front – aka my clemency petition. My online petition now has over 600 supporters.
NOTE : My last couple of blogs on here were actually wrote a few months earlier than their posted date.

I hope everyone is trying hard to stay safe and stay healthy!

God Bless!

Robert Rambo
DOC #1188667

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  1. Praying for a healthy recovery for you. LO looks out for each other. Glad you have friends that take care of you. I will once again share your petition. Take care.

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