Hello, I wanted to take the time to share a couple poems with you. I hope that you enjoy them!

A New Riddle

Sometimes life seems so unfair;
sometimes it seems no one cares;
sometimes you lose all hope;
sometimes you run out of rope;
What do you do in moments like this;
Do you simply sit back and reminisce;
or do you start planning, looking ahead;
the future is to come, the past is dead;
looking forward can renew your hope;
get you up over life’s treacherous slope;
looking behind you may leave you sullen;
constantly recalling how you have fallen;
so I suggest that you find your passion;
develop a new life long mission;
you are a beautifully unique creation;
so lift your head stand proud and strong;
and begin to write your new life song-
you can’t change the beginning or middle;
but you can change the end with a new riddle.

* * *


I was at the end of my rope;
had feelings of abandoned hope;
I was ready to end my life;
so full of pain, envy and strife;
was formulating a plan of action;
but I thought of my daughter’s reaction;
the pain and misery I couldn’t hide;
so having subdued to abated pride;
I sought out the help I needed;
to advice and wisdom I heeded;
my days of hopelessness have passed;
with the help of others I rebounded fast;
of a few things I have, I was reminded;
but I had to approach things open-minded;
I felt as though my fate was sealed;
hopelessness could no longer be concealed;
only seeing that which was lost;
to and fro my life has been tossed;
but this time it took it out of me;
many realities I could not see;
feeling I had nothing to gain;
conjuring up a formula to end the pain;
I had to sit up and change my tone;
because I am not in this alone.

Praying that these poems are able to uplift at least one person. If you are feeling like all hope is gone, remember that tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. If you feel like you have no one to talk to, I am offering my shoulder and a listening ear. There is a book I would recommend as well; “Your Next Chapter”, by Evelyn Watkins. It is a short easy read, but take your time and apply the strategy she uses, it will help.

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