Quarantine, by William Taylor

I saw an advertisement on AbC6 news today for a special that should air Tuesday @11pm. The topic is about prison staff and the obstacles they face and their safety during this corona crisis. I find it odd that those that are elected to govern over ALL citizens and those employed in hazardous places always exploit their plight over the next persons. Just what do we have to do to be understood as someones’ son, brother, father, uncle, grandfather, or friend? To what length will society go to relegate our actual existence to an unrecognizable state of stagnant delirium? How can so much sadness and sorrow be applied but only to free citizens? I am empathetic to those that are sick and losing the fight with this virus. I understand as a man that i made choices that put me in prison. But do you all not want us to be redeemed? Isn’t rehabilitation what is craved? Being a productive citizen is what a lot of us strive for, but society will not be able to look past a crimnal past when they view it synonymous with criminal activity. They are two opposing conditions. Allow a person to show you his or her worth. Allow a person a chance to show their value to society. Begin to hold the obvious criminality that is purported daily by our elected officials and keepers of peace. Hold EVERY person to the same standard and not just those that have been caught, convicted and shipped away. Inside of justice there is peace, forgiveness, redemption, and equality. In justice there is no place for hate, animosity, contempt, bitterness, or judgement.

William Taylor
DOC #357341
Marion correctional Institution

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  1. Thanks for sharing. The love of Jesus Christ should compel us to owe no one anything but love. We should have restorative justice, not just punitive. Lord, have mercy on us and bring true justice and mercy to all. Amen.


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