Rico Comer


Loyalty is not a thing that can exist in and of itself, it must be carried by someone, and that someone has the free reign to carry it as they wish, and to no longer carry it when they tire of it, abandoning it and the person whom it was carried for. Loyalty is not a guarantee, its not love, its not a hostage taker, its not unconditional, and in most cases its not true.

Loyalty is a temporary place holder in someones life, misunderstood and mistaken by most, the expression of it from one person to another is a strong way to express a temporary feeling which should probably be expressed in other words. This is loyalty in my experience………I challenge somebody to change my mind.

Rico Comer #732167
Toledo Ohio Corr. Institution
2001East Central Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43068

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  1. God is the only one who’s told me “I will never leave you; never turn My back on you.” He loved me enough to send his Son as a baby to live like we do so He can understand what our lives are like. If that’s not enough, each stripe from the cat ‘o nine tales whip on His back was for our healing; His back flayed open to the internal muscles; even organs. His raw back was on that cross as every sin of all humanity was seared into His back. He spent three days in literal Hades (hell) to buy back our relationship with Father God. He can’t do anything more than He’s already done to love us and make a way. It’s for us each to take His free gift to us by faith and to share it with those around us. This life is not easy for any; harder for many; but in Jesus Christ we have heaven as our reward!


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