Love, Truth and Understanding, by Wendell Callahan

We all as human beings, want to be loved. From birth until the creator decides its our time to die, we crave and desire to be loved whether it be from family or friends. But what is ”LOVE”? True, it is an emotion, but what is love actually? You may have your own personal perception of what you believe love is, but my personal belief is….One, Love is a verb. It is a word of action. Love cannot just simply be spoken. Love has no limits nor boundaries, but there are levels to the amounts of love we give and receive. I believe in love at first sight, but like a planted seed, Love has to be nurtured so it can grow with time. Most of all, we must know Love to be able to show Love. If we don’t Love ourselves first, how could ever love anyone or anything else? Love also should be unconditional. That is what makes true Love genuine and pure. Love is kind, but sometimes can make us weak. Love can confuse us and sometimes deceive us. Lust will disguise itself as Love often times. But true love will conquer all. God is Love!

Truth is the ONE reality in the universe, the inward harmony, the perfect justice, the eternal love. Nothing can be added to it nor taken from it. It does not depend upon any man but all men depend upon it. Truth is the difference between fact and opinion. Truth the one and only religion. Truth is the word of God however u receive it. Truth is not a formal belief…it is an unselfish, holy, and aspiring heart and he who has truth is at peace with all, and cherishes all
with thoughts of love. If we are searching for Truth we must seek it. I am a firm believer in the saying…”Seek and you shall find”. If you read the bible,
check out (Proverbs 2:3-6).

Understanding is knowing. Knowing that the power of God is Love and Truth. When you know that what you believe is real and True, it gives u wisdom and peace. When we find peace, we then find more happiness and become more humble no matter where we are in life or what we go thru. I have peace in my heart and I am ONE with God. Although, I am still seeking more Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding, I feel more closer to Truth than ever. God is Great and I am blessed to be able to spread his Truth.
Thank you for your time! Time is valuable and we have to beware of the time thieves. Put out positive energy into the universe so that the universe will return positive energy to you. I pray for all. God Bless! – 100

Wendell Callahan
DOC #740832

aka: “Cally Diamondz”

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  1. Thanks Wendell. God’s Truth is not the same as the “facts” or worldly wisdom and truth. Sadly, many are too “churched” in legalism and unloving rules and regulations; kind of like the pharisees in Jesus’ time. We must be instruments of God’s love and peace in order to win the world to Him; many have been turned far away from our Loving Father by false teachings and beliefs which are only changed by truly reading the Bible with Holy Spirit’s help. Lord, help us! Amen.


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