The following is a poem that I wrote after talking to someone that was clearly holding back on what was causing his pain and misery. I hope that you enjoy it, and if it impact you in some way; I would enjoy hearing about the impact it has on you.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short
By Roger S. Black Jr 7-18-19

I used to be filled with envy, hatred and strife;
often I have had thoughts of ending my own life;
fed up with the seemingly endless pain I would feel;
all because the brokeness and loneliness were too real;
there were far too many issues that went unspoken;
all stemming from a past that let me alone and broken;
now I sit in prison, given 26 years with a life tail;
this is not even the beginning of my own living hell;
it goes back many years, back to my childhood;
shed so many tears, all because I felt misunderstood;
evidence of abuse as a child were left on this man;
all they seemed to find to say is nothing heals like time can;
no amount of time seemed capable of healing my pain;
looking back, I’m personally impressed with how far I’ve came;
occassionally, without a single sign a memory will creep in;
today it is not as frequent, only every now and then;
still yet, it effects me emotionally, physically, and spiritually;
but the effects will be less obvious and less frequent eventually;
I am not sure that I will ever experience total healing;
but moments of sadness and depression are shrt temporal feelings;
I long to find that special person to stand by my side;
someone to walk hand-in-hand with me, following my stride;
that person who will not cut me off and try to offer their theory;
but who will instead attentively listen as I tell my story;
what I have came to realize is sharing heals pain of every sort;
but you must be open and honest, don’t sell yourself short.

One of the worse feelings I have ever experienced is feeling alone. Sadly, that is exactly how I feel as I write this; but I know that someone will one day come into my life and eliminate that feeling. This next poem was written after I met my counselor. She has been a great help. I am very grateful for her presence in my life.

You Are Not Alone
By Roger S. Black Jr (May 2018)

far too long I have felt all alone;
filled with a sense of loneliness, I groan;
tried to reach out to my family;
sadly, most family have disowned me.
Even my closest “friends” have turned away;
Just to find someone who cares, this I pray;
this feeling of loneliness I hope to bind;
a sense of comfort, I pray to soon find.
Another prayer has been answered by god;
although the person he sent, I found odd;
not “odd” in the “weird” or “different” sense;
it’s just that I didn’t sense a false pretense;could I possibly find the comfort I sought here in prison;
maybe it is why I am here, only God knows the reason;
I walked into her office that very first day;
vowing buried deep, my issues and problems would stay;
I couldn’t possibly open up to her like I needed to;
little did I know, four words would prove that not true;
she looked into my eyes, and what she said cut to the bone;
she sincerely meant it when she said “you are not alone”.

To this very day I hold onto those words and I am remonded that I have the support and backing of far more individuals than I would ever imagine. Knowing that has helped me in several ways. IF you feel like you are alone, like no one is ever willing to hear you out… I am here. I wnat you to know that you do not have to feel alone. I am willing to be that listening ear that you feel like you have been missing. Also, if you have a word of encouragement for someone, don’t hold back. Share that word of encouragement, you never know how many people you may impact with a single word such as: “hello”, “good day”, or (a sincere), or even a simple smile. I write quotes or some inspirational message on a whiteboard every night. The past two nights I haven’t done so because I have had a terrible headache. Five guys have said something about me not putting anything up on the board. Five guys that I didn’t expect to read the board. So, you never know who you may impact with a word of inspiration.

Roger Black #729370
Po Box 740
London, Ohio 43140

If there is anything that you would like to relay to me, email is available through Jpay.com. I do not know what all is involved with setting up an account.

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  1. i loved your poems, you have a beautiful way with words and i hope you continue to express yourself and share your gift with the world. Im glad you found someone that made you feel less alone, you deserve it.
    Also, i loved what you said about wanting someone to listen to you instead of just giving you answers or “theories”, i think a lot of people want to fix our problems when in reality all we want is for someone to just listen.
    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Christ is the only answer; the love of God is shed abroad by Jesus Christ’s life and death and resurrection. Following Him, learning true love and sharing that with those He puts around us is the best way; it’s what Father God wants us to do; love God and love each other. I won’t rest this side of heaven until all those I’ve been connected with have a chance to experience hope, joy, and the true love our hearts long for!

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