Demetrius Arnold

Find your Happiness, by Demetrius Arnold

I wanted to write this to those who have been incarcerated and are now free but still “trapped” Emotionally or Mentally. You have to find your source of your happiness, you may have lost family members and friends through your ordeal, but don’t let society dictate your happiness because of who you used to be! You’ve paid your debt to society, stop letting society make you feel forever indebted to it. Regardless of what you have done. Your not that person anymore …you don’t even live at that address anymore you have moved on and for anyone that wishes to hold your past over your head, do you really want that person in your circle? Sometimes your happiness is hindered by the reminders of your sad past. But I beseech you to be happy. Misery loves company and I suggest you to NEVER accept an invitation. Find your own happiness, find someone who makes you happy, find something that makes you happy and find YOURSELF…. and be happy

Demetrius Arnold
DOC #1792636

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