Demetrius Copeland

American Suicide, by Demetrius Copeland

The world outside seem to only be getting colder and darker as the days pass by, the respect has turned into contempt, while those who used to laugh can only bow their heads now to cry.
Selfish acts of greed and self preservation has stripped away the humility in most of humanity as a whole, many people are losing hope in society because the world is about to systematically implode.
No one takes the time anytime to listen to the needy of oppressed and or the suffering population across the globe, because everyone who has the power to be heard knows absolutely nothing about being exposed.
Life to the lifeless ? Life on earth is seen as being a similar place to hell, not a drop of water for those living in poverty but your own health care “Is” for sale.
I suppose when the government fail, the people are the ones who are set to “fail” on their own. Someone tell me where these people are who were suppose to help those who can’t make it in life on their own ??
Dear American what is the American Scheme, and whatever happened to the American Dream ?? How are we free when there is not a single free thing about finding liberty or then obtaining of justice in these fucken “Laws” for us when they are deliberately against us all.
We are shackled in our “freedom” already, so why not just confine us inside of a wall ?? Money, Power and No Respect just a bunch of regrets from those who are experiencing the stench of clogged drain, the political swamp has turned sewer with the steady rise of filth via the toxic Russian rain.
A game of Russian roulette gone bad, American has shot itself in the brain, the American people are at fault here, so there really is no one else to blame.
American Suicide

Demetrius Copeland
DOC #459447

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