Prison Life, by Terrell Yarbrough

my thoughts

I want to reflect on the days that I was on death row. before I speak on the facts I first would like to say that in life every person will be held accountable for there actions. with those words said. I was the youngest on death row at that time, in fact I was in the new York times. but when I was there the majority of the death row inmates I encountered seemed mentally torn down by the strain of living under the threat of death. in those hard times god gave me the peace of mind that I needed to survive he took my mind to amazing places. now I’m able to see the best and potential in others in that situation I still felt human cause I still had the desire that most human do like being loved and cared for so I was not the animal are moster they said I was. all the money are commissary in the world none of these things will make a difference if the willingness isn’t there to treat me like a human being. but I also think guys and woman need to look within themselves for the validation of their worth, because as far I’m concerned, no one can make you feel worthy if you don’t first recognize your own value as an individual. I have traveled a very long journey. some have abandon me at the most critical point. in my life but I have forgave them cause god never left my side. and I’m still able to trust in the goodness of others, love is freedom always give love even when its not given back, cause life is short and full of mysteries and at times life is not fear don’t give up on friendship and love thank you for taking the time of your life to read my thoughts I will forever be greatful for you for given me your time. in the most sincere truth, always love.

Terrell yarbrough
DOC #a396-299

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  1. Its been a long time dont even know if you remember me . My grandparents lived across the street from Mrs Claudia in Canonsburg . Just wanted to send you my condolences on the passing of frankie.


  2. Terrell, This your cuz man. I will never forget you. If you still have my address, write me. I lost the letter with your address. You have so many people that love you, including me, so know that you are truly missed and you have unconditional love out here. You are an amazing intelligent brother and I’m so proud to be your cousin.


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