Archie Wilder

REFLECTIONS, by Archie Wilder

I sit and think about all the lessons that people who were older than me tried to me. I didn’t either listen to what they had said, or at that time I didn’t understand the value of what they were trying to teach me.Experience is not always the best teacher, some things are good to learn from other people. I wish I would’ve listened when the older people told me that tomorrow isn’t promised. I wouldn’t have waisted so much time on nothing. I would’ve cherished so many more people and experiences, because I would have known tomorrow isn’t promised. Since this pandemic of covid-19,it has shown the world that all of our lives can change over night. I’m not promoting for people to live recklessly.Because that would be foolish. What I am promoting, is for people to enjoy today. Live today and cherish and enjoy the moment we are living in.In the words of Alicia Keys: I don’t want to forget that the present is a gift,and I don’t wanna take for granite the time you may have here with me, cause lord only knows other day here is not really guaranteed.Cherish the moment.

Archie Wilder
DOC #414-917

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