Prison Relationships (Part 1), by Robert A. Smith Jr.

I was just thinking about all the relationships that take place in prison on a regular basis. I know most of you are probably thinking the homosexual relationships amongst inmates, but that’s not what I’m talking about. There’s a lustful, deep craving for the bad boys of society. And although these relationships are prohibited by Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections they continue to be prevalent. I’ve witnessed over a hundred myself, I’ve even been privilege to be in several. The vast majority of these relationships involve a male inmate and a female officer or staff. But yu get some that involve a male staff or officer. Generally those are all about making some money. When I say staff I’m talking about the secretaries, case managers, unit managers and/or outside volunteers. They’re suppose to be esteemed given the fact that they have a little more education than most officers. So that’s what sets them apart. One of the things that I’ve always seen hold true is the attraction between man and woman. Nothing can stop that! Not even the rules. I know because as a juvenile I’ve witnessed the same demonstration with woman staff and the older juvenile boys. So this is nothing new to me, what I think is very intriguing is the various guises being used to mask the fact that this relationship is taking place right under the administrations noise. I could literally write a book entitled, “Right Under Their Noses: Prison Sex Chronicles.” I remember one incident where an inmate had this case manager, she was beautiful. I would have guessed she came from a family with plenty of money and prestige. My cell at the time was directly in front of her office so I could see out without being to obvious. On top of that, the convict code remains in effect, so the inmates that are in the “know” remain silent. Unless, it’s some jealousy or envy involved, in that case it can get violent. But for the most part, it’s smooth. So like clock work this inmate would go into her office take a seat on the opposite side of the desk and open a newspaper then raise it up to block the view of her from our cells. She would then crawl around the floor to suck his cock. Of course that eventually ended, too many inmates in the “know” or the wrong inmates in the “know”, investigator informants brought them both down. They set a camera up in her office. The staff and officers talked about that for months, most of them in disgust probably because they never had a chance with her. She use to be a C.O. prior to becoming a case manager. And they was at her. The administration hate when they lose one of their own to an inmate. They would rather be the one’s gang banging her amongst themselves and making her the locker room prate. So when women fall for the inmate it’s like, How Could You? When the question should be, How Couldn’t She? All the necessary ingredients for the perfect seduction are there. Society makes it that way. When girls are young, music, television, society, and history practically groom them for the bad guy. From the cowboys, to the bank robbers, to the rebellious slaves and Native Americans, to the gangsters and mobsters, to the revolutionaries, to the pimps and hustlers, and down to the street thugs. That’s where the adventure lies. That’s where boredom cease to exist. And in prison you have all that on steroids. Whatever your type or little girl fantasy maybe, ten times out of ten prison can fill the order. Now you got women that work in here and they’re completely content with their lives. But I’ve seen some wives doing some nasty thangs too. And their husband’s worked in the same prison. I remember when I worked in the kitchen at this one prison, the Deputy Warden of Security wife worked in the kitchen as well. She was fine, but you could tell back in her younger years, she could cause a wreck. Anyway, gossip line) was saying her husband saved her from the streets. Which I could see in part. Well obviously, the old adage range true, you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife. One morning I was going into the dry storage room and I saw her getting fucked from the back by an inmate. I said, my bad, and turned around immediately. Shortly after the inmate approached me and told me she’s concerned and wanted to know what I wanted, I told him I was cool and she has no reason to be concerned. And that was that. Of course, she never looked at me the same again, especially when her husband would come down to have lunch with her. I would think to myself either he knows there’s marital problems or he’s a fool, either way she’s a cold bitch. I walked into several situations like that, especially when I worked in the kitchen. I learned it’s not good to keep turning down the hush money, so I eventually started taking it. As I said I eventually found myself in two establishing situations, one with a teacher and the other with a kitchen staff, and without going into any detail because my names on here I’ll just say we were never caught. I’m what they would consider penitentiary slick, meaning I’ve been in the system so long if I decided to do anything major like establishing a relationship they’ll never catch me. So what they do to my type, is ride or lateral us to another institution, rather than waste energy trying to catch us. Also, it’s important to note that through these prison relationships the majority of contraband is introduced to the prison. Its not visitation as they would try to convince Central office or the public. It’s the so called good guys and girls, that are bringing in most of the drugs, cell phones etc. I know, I had em’ doing it! And I know hundreds of other inmates that have done the same thing. But these are the so called law abiding citizens that like to believe their shit don’t stink. I’ve witnessed these women, come in to work and tell their superiors, I’m in love with… then resign.

Robert A.Smith Jr.
DOC #477-176

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  1. Such an interesting post! I don’t know if you’ve published a part two yet because i can’t find one, but if you didn’t i hope you do. I loved that you included some stories, i think that made it really interesting. I didn’t know there were so many secret relationships in prison as i have not been in prison myself, but im glad i could read about it from an inmate that gets to see those things on a daily basis.
    Also, i really liked what you said about why women find attractive about male inmates, i hadn’t thought about it that way.
    Im looking forward to reading more from you, you have a very interesting point of view


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