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Introduction Blog, by Spencer Sharp

Hi my name is by Spencer Sharp

Well to begin my names Spencer, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call me Spinc though. Here, in prison ‘they’ call me Bear. That probably originates from two facts 1) im 6 foot three and stay at 250 plus 2) although known as humble i nthe woods, the bear itself tends to beat things that cross its path wrongfully or unexpectedly. Im what “they” call a big dawg in the joint(prison). “They” have all types of rules and reasons. I get Bonus Points for being Big Dawg… I guess.. Anyways. Im fresh 26 as of 04/18 and am finishing a 6 yr sentence. I currently only have a year and 2months left. ONLY! So if youre wifey material looking for soon to be home entrepreneural hubby and youre reading this… go no further ;P Im only kidding,,, maybe. Me though: To begin im highly creative, i Am the only man i know with a shark tattoo with a fully animated mouth that bites. The kids forsure love it if adults dont. Adult related comment only: Can Bruce come swim in your waters ;x If not yet understood Bruce is my shark tattoo located on my left hand. Annnd if not yet understood im left handed. Last im not gonna keep making everything understood. Im a spokesperson and chairmen of our toastmaster international (google it) group. I do/ teach classes on modern innovation adn future ideas. Currently working on multiple propositions, that expand through numerous ideas and designs of newly introduced and old existing products. Future patents all pending due to incarceration. BTW favorite tv show = shark tank! I study Divinity Pro Se (ps clothing company design label Divinitree in progression. All further details witheld) I recently studied on Allah and the Most Beautiful Names, Hebrew writing (mostly for symbolic reasons. Yes im into symbology and ancient symbolism), the Kabbalah, Edgar Cayce, The Damapada and the teachings and studies of Krishna.Lately ive been focusing on what “they” call chakras aka glands in your body that rekease and produce different chemicals (adrenaline and orgasmic chemicals are produce within these chakras) Im trying to gain better focus adn complete control of my body. Ill end this with i love outdoors, driving and going new places. Also anything that frees the mind to think expansively. Well you can contact me if youd like. I am amusing and offer 100% satisfaction gurantee or your $$$ back ( which this is all free anyways right ?)
(30 day trial is optional before making the you only have 48 hours to return to original supplier (write in fine print))
Also i will throw in a free personalized photo of anything requested upon contact if you login now! Please include photo upon contact Please. Contact right now by logging in @ Jpay.com
That is J P A Y . C O M
Name and # is Spencer Sharp 724265
That is Spencer Sharp 724265
through jpay.com
if youre into handwritten contact @

Spencer Sharp #724265
Po box 901
Leavittsburg Oh 44430

Older people accepted. Please dont contact unless 18 or older. if younger adn interested in a piece of mind, studies or teachings thats fine. Please teens dont write childish young things and or kinky things(being under 18 that is) to me. I live my lifestyle unlike Bill lol
If picture is sent of women prefer eyes and smile. i like to start there. men take it in man cave best place to evaluate if your a Big Dawg or Lil Pup. Believe me it matters

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