Kevin Mayon

I AM WHO I AM, by Kevin Mayon

everyday I wake and ask myself who am I? after 13 yrs of incarceration u would think I know but I’m still trying to figure it out..
I’m a man,I’ve accepted my mistakes and everything that comes with them,I hope and pray my actions will lead the younger generation on the right path.I am a sinner but have changed my ways,I have stole but now I know better ways,I’ve hurt but only cuz I have been hurt..
I hope that when push comes to shove my mistakes will not define me,but strengthen me for the path that lays ahead.I am a new man and I’ve learned a lot and by the Grace of God I’m still breathing and hoping to make right all the wrongs I’ve caused..before the end, the world will know I’m more than a sinner and a man I’m someone’s son and one day someone’s Father….

warmest regards,

Kevin Mayon
DOC #576209

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