Good Bye, by Jacob Smith

The day you left it broke by heart but
we are all falling apart. When you left I
felt a lot of pain but I hope you know
that I will always keep you in my
healthy brain. I will always love you no
matter what even though your gone
my heart will never move on.

I may be a father but I am your only
son now I have no one. I miss you
every day I remember when we used
to run and play but now its gone
away. I just want to say goodbye I
miss you and see you another day.
Though your gone I feel pain but I will
never forget that bright smiling face
that gave me the strength to gain
another day.

Our family chain is broken you did not
go alone though part of us went with
you the day god called you home.
What was yours was mine but we
went in and out of time. All I want to
say goodbye mom rest in peace.

Jacob smith
DOC #747143

Categories: family, Jacob Smith, poems

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