Media Misinformed, by Zachariah Huddleston

I saw on CNN that the prison I’m at is seriously bad with the COVID-19. I’m at Marion Correctional in Ohio. There is around 1400 confirmed cases, but its way more then that due to they still have to test the rest of the inmates. Over 100 correctional officers have it. The problem is that the prison is allowing Correctional Officers come back to work after 2 weeks. so they keep bringing the virus to the prison. Social distancing is completely impossible. My bunk bed is literally one average arm away from the next bunk bed on both sides of me. 109 to 111 inmates share the same couple toilets, same couple showers, same one sink, same kiosk, same couple phones. The same correctional officers who had corona virus are the ones passing out our food. Now to what they feed us. The prison feeds us one half way hot meal and a brown bag with bologna and a cookie and a 25 cent bag chips. The media said we are getting 2 meals but more calories which is bullshit. We have not been able to shop at the commissary for over a month, but a couple dorms have got to shop? so there is a lot of selective stuff going on that is not fair. Since the majority of C.O.s have not came to work they brought in a big group of men with mase paint ball Guns! They walk around staring us down an talking a lot of shit to us trying to provoke us. We all have been calm as possible and haven’t acted in violence! Its hard to stay calm an be in compliance when we haven’t even been getting Recreation in almost a month! We have not been outside or to a gym! They keep us cooped up in a box with 109 grown ass men who all mad we being punished for something the Correctional Officers caused in the first place. So all of us inmates life’s are in danger due to the lazy, careless and reckless procedures the prison put into place! No precautions were put into place here until it got bad, by then it was way to late. The Governor Mike Dewine has made plenty of false statements about what’s going on here in Ohio’s prison! He has lied about the numbers of confirmed cases. He lied about how they are handling the situation. He is trying to make it seem like they have it under control, which is false and completely incorrect! So to all medias out there I promise you are misinformed about what is really going on in prisons! This treatment we are getting is torture an cruel an unusual punishment!

my name is Zachariah Huddleston inmate number A737-326. I’m at Marion Correctional in Marion, Ohio.

Zachariah Huddleston
DOC #A737-326

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