Leavittsburg, Ohio- In the wake of Covid-19 Incarcerated Citizens represent one of several vulnerable populations in the United States. Prisoners live in close spaces and are forced to breathe the same air. He cannot remove himself from these environments by choice. And his medical care for serious conditions are often insufficient and incomplete. Usually if a contagious disease surfaces in prison everybody contracts the illness. As a result, an incarcerated person can become a victim by circumstance so he must employ methods that keep him healthy and safe.

There are several steps that can keep prisoners healthy and safe. The first step a prisoner can take is to establish a safety-first dialogue with the people around them. The initial conversation has to start with his self. He has to remind his self that he wasn’t sentenced to death and therefore it would be wise to practice good hygiene. The next step he can take is to have a conversation with his cellmate about hand washing and staying clean, too. This will put him and his cellmate on the same page. Then he and his cellmate must agree to minimize or eliminate all physical and close distant contact with other prisoners and prison staff, especially those who come inside the prison everyday. This can be done by voluntarily staying in ones cell or isolating ones self to their bunk bed. Alongside this both him and his cellmate (or bunkie, for those inside a dorm) must be conscious of the collective use of physical objects within the cellblock. From the telephones to the jpay kiosk machines, both must be conscious to the fact that several other people use these items everyday. Since everyone doesn’t practice good hygiene, it is important to clean these objects or do not use them at all. After this he must eat healthy and exercise regularly so his immune systems is functioning well. Without a good immune system the body’s army becomes weak and cannot defend against attack. That’s why every effort must be used to increase the body’s defense. This will help him fight off any infection or at least soften its intensity. Once these steps are taken the only thing left that he can do is to pray like HELL!!! that he pulls through without becoming sick.

Prisoners know that becoming sick in prison is the last thing they want to be since medical care is so shallow. Therefore, the prisoner must take steps that make sure he does not become a victim to this neglect. These steps will assist him in that goal. And it will give him an advantage over those who think that corona virus is a game. So take heed and stay wise. Doing so will keep you healthy and safe now and in the future.

Sean Steele
DOC #392298

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