The way I am feeling and my anxiety is getting worse daily. I feel as if myself and my fellow peers rights are also being violated daily as well. We are having to take part in groups for this program and are holding them in the very small confinements of the dorm hallways with 30 plus people in there that are less than a foot apart… No social seperation here.. and if we dont take part we dont progress.. So what do we do? If we say something to anyone we are wrong and out of line. We are made to feel unimportant and our health unimportant as well… I have no way to reach out to the parole board here in georgia to let them know what is exactly going on.. I feel like i am stuck here with no one to help.. I have been here for over a month and the facility has not fixed my phone list so i can call my family… All of this is extremely hard. I was told that the parole officer for some others say they are taking necessary precautions for us but that is a lie or i would already be home with my children and i would not be in jeopardy of becoming ill here where i am almost sure to not be treated the way i could be at home.. I am hoping by writing and spreading the news to the outside that people will hear my voice and help me get home to my family in this crazy time. Please pray for me and extend a helping hand and call the gordon county parole office and the bartow county parole office and the parole board and help free #1251990… Im more than a number and i deserve a chance.

DOC #1251990

Categories: COVID-19, Donna Millwood

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