Hey SuggaFoot, by Michael Price

Hey SuggaFoot how was your day? You walk in with your blond locks flowing with that look as if you been on your feet for hours but your spirit is so refreshing for me to be with a woman like you is truly a blessing. I know that it was a hard day a work so when you come you can expect to lay in a bubble bath of your choice and I will rubb your feet until all the miles that you walked have evaporated I see you in that smock you had on, you know the one?! the black one with the hearts and Brest Cancer signs on it. Its the one that makes your skin tone look like caramel on an apple that’s why I just want to eat you up.I would like to tell you how amazing you are you do what you have to do to make sure that you and yours is straight and that’s what I love the most cause that not an easy task and to see you doing it all on your own is even more of a reason for me to lift you up on your throne your a Big Beautiful Black Queen and I’ve loved you from day one and I can’t wait until I awake to your beautiful smile that is as brighting as the morning sun.I love you Tiffany aka

Michael Price #411-359
PO Box 57
Marion, Ohio 43302

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