CORONAVIRUS: Prison Inmates Speak Out During Pandemic


Dear Readers,

I am honored to give incarcerated men & women a voice here on this blog, especially during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

There are over 2 million inmates in the United States today, and they are all human beings with family, friends and feelings, too.

My services are FREE to all incarcerated men & women. If you have a loved one in prison, please share this opportunity with them. I’d love to give them a voice. Here is how inmates can Submit Blogs to Inmate Blogger.

Prison inmates share their thoughts, opinions and speak out about the Coronavirus Pandemic here:

Stay home.
Stay safe.
Stay strong.

Love one another.


Suzie Bosko
Manager of 

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  1. For the inmates, there are no walks in the park trips to hunt for toilet paper or drives in the countryside to break the monotony. There is no hope of a pandemic abating, no opportunity to alleviate the crushing strain on their human spirit.


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