Keith Mustin

by Keith Mustin

I am a 39 year old African American from Ohio. I reside at Marion Correctional Institution in Marion, Ohio.
I have 5 years left until I go home. while incarcerated I had accomplished the following programs and education:

1.cook apprenticeship
2.Aramark N2Work Food Management Program
3.Being a playwright and actor in Broadway plays.
4.College Degree in Paralegal.
5.Secretary in NAACP AND Chairman of Resident Political Action Committee.
6.Member Of Red Cross Disaster Assist Team (DAT) and ERT (Emergency Response Team.)
7.Graduate of sign language class.

I accomplished a lot of other goals but I am a great writer and jailhouse lawyer in lawsuits. I am in need of assistance in any way either legally and educationally. I will let my blogging skills do the talking but if you understand what I am trying to become. you can be added to my email account by going to and put your Name and address in the jpay system as well as put my name (Keith Mustin) and Id number (#A505-112) to be added to my email list.
more about me is that I have 2 sons and til this day, I am still fighting to be acquitted of my case. I am writing more small skit plays for anyone who is interested to make a play out of. you can also write to me at:

Keith Mustin #A505-112
PO Box 57
Marion, Ohio 43301

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