The government is using this facility as a secret base to conduct certain experimental measures on certain inmates like myself , I was taken sick by some kind of flu and most of the other inmates also had it in the some unit and it was allowed to run it’s course. As many men fell before it’s path , they were allowed to suffer without any kind of medical assistance . When I went to see the fake doctor they put in place March 26,2020 . I was sent back to my unit , still sick without any form of medical assistance . Nevertheless the medical staff put me on the pass list for Nurse sick call. Because before I saw seen by this fake doctor . The nurse had taken my vitals and said they were all high and the fake doctor did absolutely nothing . They are actually just waiting for us to start dieing . However , I don’t mean to disappoint anyone but it seem’s as though I might just make it out ? Stay tune for any new up dates . So don’t sleep !
Peace ! The prophet Mid Knight Star*

DOC #A661634

Categories: COVID-19, Dennis Ray

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