Self Quarantine, by Keith Brooks

by Rapper, Author, and Entrepreneur Chaos Loc.

During this pandemic we all need to self quarantine and fight this war together in isolation. I’m locced up in prison around a bunch of careless, trifling, dirty, sicc individuals with absolutely no common sense. I made a solid decision to go into self quarantine and pass on the food trays they supply inmates with. I loaded up on a gang of food and hygiene, so I can go into hibernation like a bear. I put myself in isolation. I only come out of my cell for showers and video visits. I just did 4 long years in the hole, so it’s nothing for me to go into self quarantine for a couple months.

I’m using my time in quarantine wisely. During my time in quarantine I put another album together called “Bluec Strips & Bandannaz”. I have a song on the album called “Self Quarantine”. Make sure you download that song. It’s not the final version of the song. I decided to release it early due to the crisis we’re all going through. The final version of the song will be released in the near future.

In the meantime, enjoy my hot new song “Self Quarantine”. I’m also preparing my new book “Still Can’t Stop!” for release on 4-20-20. Also I just picced out all of my beats and recorded all of my verses to the upcoming Chaos Loc & Honey V.V.S. “Chaotic Mindset” album.

Now I’m moving on to working on a few new singles that I’ll be releasing in the near future featuring some very well known artists. During these dire times I’m just staying busy, isolated, healthy and clean. I encourage everyone else to do the same. My concern and support goes out to everyone in the world that’s going through these trials and tribulations. I hope you and your family make it through this crisis alive. My condolences goes out to everyone that took a fall to the Covid-19 Coronavirus. I want everyone young and old to take this pandemic seriously and prepare for the peak of this deadly virus. This virus does not discriminate. None of us are exempt from catching this virus. We’re all in this one together. Protect yourself and others. 100!

#SelfQuarantine #StayHomeAndStayStrong #SocialDistancing
#ChaosLocPresentsBluecStrips&Bandannaz #StillCan’tStop!

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878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd.
Youngstown, Ohio 44505 Brooks #A599527

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