Angelo Vasquez

OCCVLT SUBJECT, by Angelo Vasquez

Archetype is a memory that remains after the originating individual or group is no more. The archetypal world is a residual sea of symbols shared by all mankind. assessed by dreams or altered states of consciousness. Most cultures draw images on which to find their religions. These symbols originate from the human throughout their developmental history. Each culture leaves behind impressions of sacred symbols, those fuled fervently by strong emotion or devotion, their god-forms and the living mythology. After the culture has long disappeared ( physical vessels expired/died) these archetypal images remain intact yet dormant and may be revived again by putting willful energy back into the main line of connection (The silver string never breaks only grows in distance) typically through visual imagery.
A beautiful piece of the occvlt flows in the current of the archetypal sea ready to be tapped into.
I believe we receive archetypes from other beings prior to the human. There are four types of physical vessels for the spirit prior to the human.
The Polarians, Lemurians, Hypoboreans and the Atlanteans, I’ve communicated with these vibrations in my dreams and through meditation.
The symbols are gateways to open and close portals to the “otherworld(s)”
The atomic structure and make up of the universe are the same as are the archetypes to open communication. All five elements have their archetype to open a portal. The Trilithon for Earth (elves/gnomes), the Concave for water (undines), the Tau for air (slyphs/fairy), the Peak for fire (salamanders).
And there is a fifth achetype for spirit and it is the three rays (human)
We are the elementals of all, our individual spirits are the higher self and guardians of the threshold to the otherworld. Et cetera.

Angelo Vasquez
CDC #G07505

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