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SUICIDE GALLERY : Freckles Fault ! Hi miss Thompson and miss Wright

SARA : Freckles fault… Well , who could have seen this coming? Trump being investigated for improprieties and corruption that would lead to impeachment hearings… Who , oh who would have been wise enough to foresee that ?

Travis : Freckles fault , hallelujah , its freckles fault. Trump’s a nice guy , he’s just misunderstood. I mean someone who said when your rich and famous can just do whatever you want like grab a unconsenting woman’s pussy – could anyone draw any conclusions about the make-up of his general psychology… Could any smart , in tune person with rational ability to reason possibly think such a soul would be capable of inauspicious behaviour? Alright he’s got the morals and scruples of a pedophile priest…He’s got no business being the President of the fucking United States government. I’m a bank robber and I honestly have 100 times more morals and a sense of decency than him. I certainly don’t think its okay to grab women’s genitalia , without consent. I also consider women , other races and ethnic groups as equally entitled to everything the white man is. I believed children brought across the southern boarder by their parents shouldn’t be thrown in prison camps and treated like Jewish captives in the holocaust , being deprived of medicine and left to die , like the several kids who that did happen to…The American nightmare………..

Sara: I know on earth in the United States’ constitution certain safeguards were implemented in order to ensure unqualified candidates would likely be excluded in a process of elimination. However, the qualifications pertain to mostly pedantic characteristics allowing immoral megalomaniacs like Trump and nuts like Kanye West to be President. Now , the pedantic rules exclude the overtly obvious people like you who were convicted of felonies and can’t possess guns or be the President , but could probably be safely deemed more , uh , much more sane than these two. Perhaps your government should revise its qualification requirements. Even with wests’ overt mental issues , he probably could go to run and actually qualify on paper.

Travis: Oh lord , freckles fault , would I love to see a primary or general election debate between West and Trump or someone of the likes. Just for sheer entertainment purposes , you know. After , immediately after , the election , either one would be disqualified and replaced by , a politician ( Boo ! Boo ! ) I know I know , I’m a asshole but , you know , they might know how to do foreign policy , handle the economy and create and execute a healthcare plan.

Sara: Boo ! freckles fault in the name of god. Perhaps then we will get some politicians who actually know how to revamp the judicial system. The efforts I see have no actual realistic effect upon reality. If you watch true crime shows they still all consist of stories where the suspect , who is suspected of violently beating and killing his girlfriend or raping the woman down the street or abducting a neighborhood little girl , all have one thing in common – the suspect had numerous past offenses for sex crimes and or violence. How is that? You mean the first time he raped a female or abducted a child , he wasn’t considered violent or dangerous enough for a long sentence. Nor the second time… And the third time , well this time they murdered the victim , so we will give them 20 years.. Now , robbery , burglary , major drug offense , first time offenders receive 20 or more years…Prosecutors use their ability to break one crime into multiple charges and give separate , consecutive maximum terms… But the the guy who has 8 fucking priors of sex crimes before he is given more than 10 damn years , is allowed to escalate his crimes to homicide.
No one , brings that up much , except the victim of these families. And just like in Ohio with Reagan Tokes law , after the young lovely woman who had her promising life ahead of her but was abducted , robbed , raped and murdered by an offender , who had just previously been released from a Ohio prison after serving 6 years for the triple abduction of a pregnant woman and her 2year old who was robbed and raped – 6 fucking years…For abduction , rape and robbery because the prosecutor was too big of a pussy to pursue the rape and robbery charges. Scroll through the DRC website and see how many crimes where people were physically beat , and or killed , and the offender is serving less than 20 years… then look up Travis Smith #529433 , where because he possessed a gun , was sentenced to nearly a half century.
People , wake up and take action. I know reasonable people out there would say to any politician “If I have to choose between certain types of criminals being locked up for life , of course I’d like to have someone that will beat or rape someone off the streets.

Travis : We have to accept we live in a world where comedians will never run out of material because there are so many outrageous and unreasonable people out there doing such stupid shit that warrants reactions of sarcastic ridicule and inveighing.

Sara: That’s to be expected of the general population at large but it is just irresponsible and unacceptable of politicians and civil servants employed in The judiciary field. Why don’t we just let anyone off the the street come marching in the courts with eight balls and shake them up and ask ” should this person go to jail ?
I know Ohio’s political office’s are occupied by far right extremist making ridiculous proposals and drafting bills aimed at undermining women’s rights and of course forcing their antiquated religious ideology down citizens throats. The balance between individual rights and the greater good of all is not being practiced fairly as long as the extreme right has control of both houses.

Travis Smith
DOC #529433

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