Partnership, by William Taylor

I have a very dear woman in my life. Her name is Erika. Her birthday is tomorrow (April 6),and I hope it is an enjoyable one for her.
I was raised by an old school mother, uncle, and grandmother. When I say old school, what I really mean is a social ideology that has women at a complete disadvantage and lower social status. I don’t believe in that ideology.
But I used to think that certain terminology was the best fit for the conversation until I met Erika. Calling Erika my wife does her an injustice when trying to exlain the importance of her presence in my life. I have sat in prison for years now and listened to the use of the word ‘partner’. I thoought it was one of the stupidest things I had heard in a long time. What happened to good old fashioned ‘husband’ or ‘wife’? Erika in my life has taught me that partner is not such a bad term when describing just what someone means to you.
I have lost my mother, two great-aunt, and a cousin while in prison, and they, along with my grandmother, are the leading female influences in my life. until i met Erika. I have given her half of my soul, half of my time, most of my attention, and all of my heart.
even though the presence of her absence is felt in my bein heavily daily, I am learning a new humility and patience living for her.
She is also under attack from disease right now and her toughness makes me realize the fragility of being alive and living. It is her softnes and compassion for others that really has me in awe. Even in her toughness she has a softness that is enchanting. When i say softness I mean a perpatual state off grace.
She is a queen. She has enriched my understanding of the value of a woman. The capacity to be giving and trusting. The nature of nurturing and love is soul stirring. Where would some of us men be without that tender touch from God that we know as “Woman”?
Thank you Erika. Happy Birthday!

William Taylor
DOC #357341

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