Jamar Myers

They Say They Love You, by Jamar Myers

Love & Loyalty.

People say they love you, but do they really love you? Do they really know what love is? I don’t believe most people know what love is. They say “I love you” or “I got love for you,” or I love you my nigga.” People say it in many ways, but how do you define love? However you define love for yourself will dictate what love means to you, and how you showit, but there’s also not many people that tell other people that they love them and really mean it. Most people are using empty words when they say I love you just like most of the people I know. The word love is defined as: 1. strong affection, and 2. warm attachment 3. beloved . But most people only trully feel this type of defined love for their parents, siblings, grandparents, thier children, and maybe even their childhood friends, but where I’m from childhood friends a lot of the time end up being the ones who turn their back on you first, or kill you, even before a stranger would. We ALL use the words, but how many of use trully mean them? Ask yourself that?

Most people, especially people from the hood, or urban community, however you want to put it. They are lovelorn, which means: deprived of love. So therefore they don’t know how to give love or show love, at least not properly. My point is that we use the words “I love you” or similar words, but don’t really mean them. The type love I’m actually referring to can even be compared to loyalty. They say they love you but they don’t really mean it, just like some say they are loyal but trully don’t know what loyalty is or what it takes to be loyal!! And if one does not truly know what loyalty is how can one show loyalty? They can’t! They can only show what they THINK love or loyalty is. But then when their love or loyalty is tested, it fails. This is how hearts and trust are broken, and how dudes become rats.

People SAY they love you but that’s some shit you supposed to show. Love is an act, its an action word. Therefore love without action is a void. An empyt word, therefore no action is produced. Just as loyalty is a action. Loyalty is defined as: 1. faithful to a cause or friend. So many people tell me I love you or something similar, and I’ve had multiple people tell me “yo this or that person said to tell you they love you or they send they love.” And in response the only thing that come to my mind is “Fuck they love” Why? Because its just words, its just fake love, and I don’t care for it because I NEVER shown anyone fake love. I was always ready and willing to either bust my gun, put money in a nigga or bitch pocket or give them a way to do so, and when called I was always there, and always been willing to die for love and loyalty. My love has always been backed by action, but in my life time I’ve come to realize that most people just be talking, and use words just to use them because they really don’t know how to be real or keep it real. But so many people say “keep it a hundred” when nothing about themselves is a hundred. Crazy right. You can’t be real some of the time, but be fake the rest. That just mean you were always FAKE!

These are is my thoughts on Love and Loyalty. Two words that are not to be used just to be used, those who do look into yaself. But I know most of these dudez and females are bitch, not real, or don’t care about love and loyalty. When you out of site and out of mind so is the love for you. Remember that the next time to show Love and Loyalty to someone. What brought on these thoughts is the many peoeple I showed love and loyalty to and got just fake and empty words back. Its funny when I think about it though, how so many people in this world can say they real or use the words love and loyalty but really don’t know what it means to live by them.

Love is Love Loyalty
Mine is Real. is

Jamar Myers
sbi# 000830254-C
Lock Bag-R
Rahway, New Jersey 07065

To email me directly just download the JPAY App, set up an account and add me with my sbi# and name

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