Stuart Harris

A diamond in the Rough, by Stuart Harris

A diamond is formed by years and years of constant pressure. Since birth that has been the story of my life ,but even after years of extreme pressure a diamond emerges from nothing. That’s how I have been described most of my life nothing. But after losing my freedom over 17 years ago . I have been forced to self reflect ,to see the era of my ways.To change that lump of coal I once was into a sparkling diamond .I don t even like to think of the person I once was,all I want now is to think of the person that I have become through the grace of God.Now all all I want is to be a blessing to all I meet.Not all people in prison are bad people ,the might have made some bad decisions in life or just been under a lot of pressure. But sometimes just sometimes that pressure might just produce a Diamond in the Rough.
From the heart of Stuart Harris #1131988


My name is Stuart Harris I am46 years old .I come into the prison system in the end of 2003 .my release date is 2037,but due to current laws being changed I could be released within a couple of years or sooner.I am 5foot9 tall with blue eyes 180 lbs with a muscular build if you would like to contact me I would love to talk to you just go to jpay .com and put my name and state # in.

Stuart Harris
DOC #1131988

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  1. This story resonates with so many. Knowing Stuart most of our lives I know that life was never easy for him. He has a heart the size of Texas, but like many of us the traumatic situations in his childhood lead to a path of trying to numb the pain, and led him to where he is now. I am so proud of him. He owns his wrongs and he is one in a million who has used this to reform himself. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for him in the future… Keep being the best you, Stuart!!!


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