Angelo Vasquez


Prison has shut down and has abandon all protocols. We were recently searched and they co’s never changed gloves cell per cell search. obviously spreading germs from cell to cell. We are not able to be socially distant, we live in cells with cellies, or in dorms stacked like sardines. We are not given any cleaning supplies and all food trays are contaminated. inmate workers claim seeing the trays fall on the filthy floor of central kitchen and not rewashed! We have no visiting rights yet employees walk in unchecked?
It is very stressful for us inmates because so many of us depend on loved ones to help us financially and money is non existent. We then will have to risk eating and living is foul conditions. We are humans yet disregarded.
I fear we will not be heard until it’s too late. Something I’ve realized is that all people are not acknowledged by their governments until they act like animals.
Does we really have to go there to be treated as humans?

DOC #G07505

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  1. I hear you and am sending you strength, solidarity, and protection. Keep writing and sharing your experiences. This is a way to stay connected and empowers those of us on the “outside” to raise our voices and take action on behalf of those behind bars, or who are homeless and suffering in these scary times. My prayers are with you all.


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