by Travis Tucker

I’ll be expounding on the different principles of each word in terms of restoration and education,On a plane of thought of literally,historically,and figuratively.I will run both words ultimately in sync with one another to prove that how vital each is to the other and simply how we all benefit from this understanding.

I think education in essence is a form of awareness or consciousness that vibrate on different frequencies,Meaning the higher the education or knowledge the higher my awareness heightened or my consciousness elevates.The Latin word for education is edicure which means to bring up or out…To be aware is to be alive,education also allows you a foundation to draw upon when faced with certain tough decisions in life.If I’m cognizant of 1+2=3,or me and my Queen exist to bring forth life through a natural procession of procreation,this is 1+2=3 man,woman,child or simply I must crawl before I walk I must think before I talk.Furthermore,education should be fashioned to allow us to be self sufficient as a people…hence education is a body of knowledge,or facts that when correctly analyzed it will bring you out of a stage of ignorance,the root word to ignorance is to ignore.Restoration to me means to restore or fix,I think that I can only restore that which is,or that which was broken,the potential for life and love still exist within man,woman and child…Though a lot of us have been broken by way of miseducation rather the street’s,school’s,father figure’s, roll models or simply harsh parenting, It all goes back to education,this makes the restoration process a beam of light in ones self and all those around me feel the affect of power,In life we get paid for what we know and it cost us for what we don’t know…
For me education means everything,it essentially allows me to be the controller of my own destiny.If I had knew that I was special by way of cartoon images,by way of movie images,by way of toys,dolls.If I could have seen imagery of the Nile river the blue Nile the white Nile and africka,had I seen some of the beautiful Queens and King’s,Had I knew of the civilizations that was birthed from cush/Ethiopia had I had a image of Jesus or a god that looked like me my self worth would have went through the roof,instead my reality was stirring at disfigured images of children sick in africka painting the continent like a toxic virus.I never seen Marcus Garvey on t.v I seen superman,I never seen black panther I seen bat man,So when you can go back and search through the rubble all the debris that where faced with even now waking up in the projects or wherever your from,Know that our illnesses is rooted in not knowing,It isn’t merely knowing that makes education so pertinent,However the application of this education is what shows the difference from a wise man.I feel as my sense of self worth,confidence and trust In the process refining self and redefining self restores balance within my life and family it restores peace and harmony within my life and this affects my life my community,The restoration comes In a form of how I build my community and make my environment a product of my mind/thoughts and I’m no longer a product of my environment…peace!

poetry (mental telepathy)

Think with brain they think I’m insane/
I think man and woman is superior they say I should go to thinking for change/
I use writing as a tool to break free of my chain’s/
passed through my chromosomes the world history exist in my vains/
lead the color of my skin no eraser for pain/
400 years of prayer my conditions no creator could change/
so the burden lies with the person who created my name/
born with a brain so I’m who that creator would blame/
fires a principle I know that creator a flame/
my creator is my mind it was passed through my gene’s/
my words are wisdom to your soul come and marry a king/
pull the plug out your head you in the matrix you married a dream!!!
This is dedicated to the 3 Queens the trinity,keshawna,kahlani,taraji…Daddy dark 4×4 and it’s a mind war you was born to be a queen why you living blind for?I love you with my mind body and soul!-1=7,ABR R.T.G.E

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway correctional center
p.o box 488
burkeville va,23922

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