Update on Coronavirus at Toledo Corr. Institution (Ohio), by Rico Comer

Though there are no known cases inside this institution, so far the only precautions that have been taken are to cancel all volunteer religious services, and all haircutting. Other than that, staff coming in from the outside world are not mandated to wear masks or gloves, nor is hand sanitizer, gloves or masks being distributed throughout the institution.
It is believed among inmates that there is no protocol in place in the event that an outbreak occurs within the institution, which is a scary situation in a place where the ventilation connects at least every four cells, and when mace is prayed two to three floors above you, it agitates people two to three floors down. For me personally, watching the news and hearing how some people are being denied treatment depending on life expectancy and other factors, I wonder where we fit into that, where most of us have a release date, what are the chances that my remaining seven years can be converted into a death sentence?

Rico Comer #732167
Toledo Ohio Corr. Institution
2001 E. Central Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43608

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