John Hudson

by John Hudson

Hey blog world, how’s things been? I’ve been away for a while dealing with personal issues and of course the holidays just passed and that doesn’t get easier either but while away I’ve been doing some soul searching and wrote a couple new songs and learned to play a couple more on my guitar. not sure how many out there love music as much as I do but I hope y’all like my newest release! I’m in the process of recording some new songs now and hopefully I will have my songs on ITunes before the summer of 2020 ends! Fingers crossed! This song is a true statement of how I feel inside and its called “out the way”! Anybody in love could relate! I Too hope to find the right love someday!

Why can’t we go to a deserted island and go do some shit we ain’t never did
Why can’t we hop on a jet that is private and fly to some place they ain’t never been
Why can’t go spend a few thousands on brands like Chanel and some Gucci kicks We can be out the way
Micheal Jackson go to Neverland drop a bank on you I got hella bands
Couple shooters with me like the Taliban we can drive state to state in this rental Benz hey hey bae, we can be out the way

Verse 1:I’m only human so I wrote you this letter to tell you nobody is perfect
I asked a question and you replied with a lie, I know that your losing for certain
Every time we fuss and fight you post on instagram I’m like what’s the
You told me secrets in life that I keep deep inside to the point where that shit got me hurting
All you gotta do is keep quiet babe we gone pull up and leave out without a trace
pop a percocet before we have sex in the bedroom pretend like we in outterspace
tell the pit bull in our room to stay out our face cuz bae
We can be out the way


Verse 2:
You just dont get it I grinded dope just to grant all your wishes
I bought you Divinci babe I love when your trippen
I fell in your puddle of love I was slippin
I need all your love cuz I come from the trenches
never had nothing I had to go get it
I need all your hugs and I need all your kisses
together forever let’s run up these digits
She thinking why he can’t and I’m thinking why she can’t
and we thinking “what they think?” but don’t care what they say
I’m thinking why we can’t hey we can be out the way

Chorus: 2X

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John Hudson
DOC #572-824

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