John Mcconnell

STILL PATIENTLY WAITING… A blog with a picture, by John Mcconnell

Hey whats up blog people just wanted to give a shout out and write a lil something and post a new winter picture since I just cut my hair off which was longer than it has been in a long ass time…
As per usual all of my so-called “friends ” they are wishy-washy and only wanna get with me when it is convenient for them. It is the same scenario with any lady friends lately as well we meet and greet everything is 100 then BOOM they just completely do a 180 and change up on me lol but Im sure they make it out to be my fault in one way or another in their mind… As always Im tryong to meet new friends on here not neccessarily for romance but I definitely am open to that if I meet that special someone which so far I clearly have not but I do know that person is out there somewhere and I am patiently waiting on her…
For now this is all Ive got….
Sincerely, Mac

John R. Mcconnell #a731514
W.C.I. p.o. box 120
Lebanon, OHIO
45036 and on JPay

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