David Hosley Jr.

by David Hosley

Sometimes I feel like I have the ambitions of a king with the resources of a peasant. I’m constantly reaching out like the branches of a tree, reaching as far as my mind will extend striving to convert a piteous situation into something a thousand times more pleasant. Given the circumstances, I wake in the morning and ask if its even possible. Thoughts of the implausible seem to take ahold of my life, though I’m perfectly capable of creating an ideal situation in my own mind, I feel like a handicapped child without the means to bring into fruition the simplest of my likes. I’m seeing struggles that I should be apart of but instead I’m benched and being forced to watch them from far off, it lights a fire in my soul and gives me the desire to take ahold of my cipher, not leaving to chance anything else than can be controlled by someone who knows. I may have the ambition of a king, but I posses the resources of a peasant.


David Hosley
DOC #1701222

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