James Kelly

WHAT IS LOVE? by James Kelly

“What do you do when all your values are under attack”

I used to THINK I knew what love is, and what love meant. But when you start to question yourself, then its a mystery.
What do you do when your maternal mother throws you away for the second time in your life. For no other reason than, you didn’t agree with her on something, and refused to argue with her.
What do you do when you feel like people who “claim” to love you, and your kids. Try their hardest to sabotage you recovery, and life. Rather than help you. When they go out of their way to destroy who you are and what you are doing.
What do you do when you don’t feel REAL LOVE, by anyone in the whole world? (EXCEPT for Chris and Kristina Morgan, I LOVE YOU GUYS).
What do you do when you feel like you have gone above and beyond loving your friends, your family, females etc…and the more you love and the better you are to people. The more they crap on you. They lie, steal, cheat, hit and abuse. I learned 100% recently that people RESENT you for taking care of them. It’s back to the HATER thing. Even know you are doing right, helping people, taking care of your woman. They are mad at you because of it. Why else would people not be thankful, greatful or appreaciate you.
My hearts been broken by people this time around. Yea romantically too, but even more than that. my “friends”, my “family”, have really just hurt me.
It’s crazy because I am LOYAL, “like a puppy”. I would do anything for my people. Yet that was not enough. So like Yelawolf said, “Love is not enough”.
What do you do? Well I don’t know exactly what to do. Other than quit being good and loayl to the wrong people. Cut everyone out of my life, who has shown their true COLORS. “Its messed up when someone you know, becomes someone you knew”. “When someone shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM”
As for me and mine. I will just keep loving people and guard my heart a little more. I’ll be a little bit more careful about who, wha, when I give people MY 100%. I will live, learn and just keep on being myself. One day the right lasy will come in to my life. Iv’e got the right friends, now they are family.
M hart, prayers, and love go out to my good friend DEZI. Baby girl you WHOOP THAT CANCERS BUTT!!! REmember you are loved, thought about and missed. Keep your head up, your smile helps the sun jump start in the morning. Kid you are one of the only people who was always good to me out there, thank you.
I guess I don’t need a mom. Im just a reverse bastard. Karma will get the other people.

James Kelly
DOC ##59979

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