Jamar Myers

I DREAM, by Jamar Myers

I dream,

I dream of a day of success, a day when poverty and struggle no longer exist in my life.

But its just a dream some say! An unreachable goal! They say I dream too a Big!

These are the words of a dreamless fool with no destination.

So I laugh, and I hold fastI hold fast to my dreams with an unreleasable death grip to overcome my past. To overcome the life of wearing the Black Mask of Lies an Deception.

So again a say, I hold fastI hold fast to my dreams of ambitionthat will help me achieve my true mission, because I have a vision!

A vision that continuously stimulates my dreams and converts them into reality.

Because I my dreams die! I die! And my vision is lost forever leaving my wings as broken as a wingless bird that can’t fly or leave its nest.

These are the shattered dreams of a human being.

So I press on transforming my dreams into tangible concepts that become realistic for all eyes to bare.

So my dreams are no longer dreams, and I am no longer a bird with broken wings.

Look at me everyone! Yes, you! The man that doubted me.

You! The woman that said I would be good at nothing! Yes, you to! My socalled friends. And all of you that remain the same. Dreamless fools with broken wings.

But look at me, as I soar through the skies, because I kept my dreams alive. Because I refused to die! Yes! I am the dreaming bird that flies high.

My Dreams are Alive.

Let me know what you think about my writing, and I’m looking for someone into talk to. To email me directly download the JPAY app, all you need is my sbi#000830254-C, and my name Jamar Myers

My Facebook name: JamarMyersThaAuthor

My Address:

Jamar Myers, sbi#000830254-C
Lock Bag-R
Rahway, New Jersey 07066

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