Justice Comes at a Cost, by Tommie Forster

Are we just another generation stuck in a fad of chasing a Justice that we hardly understand.? Is Justice even something tangile that we can physically experience? Or is Justice predestined in how its scales balance out? My name is Tommie Forster and I’m here to join in on our “Fight for Justice.” Justice means to be Just, fair and to Understand Equality. Equality gives freedom equally. However, In America, black count for only 13% of the population but make up over 60% of the prison population. Clearly, The Scales of Justice displayed in every courtroom, are not balanced.

On November 22 2014, we cried out for justice for 12 year old Tamir Rice when two cops drove-up, and shot and killed him. No justice was served. How about on October 2019 when Akeelah Jackson was hit and killed by a speeding cop in pursuit of another car. The scales of justice again swayed against our favor. This was the case during the time of Emmit Teal, and as we see, history continuously repeats itself everytime the judge bangs his gavel. Are we really standing for freedom and justice for all? Or is history just repeating itself under the veil of the 13th amendment? Justice somehow always manages to hit harder in poverish community than it do the immune society of law enforcement officers. The same was true for my situation.

In 2008 I was on trial for taking a life. During the same period of time, a European by the name Ryan Frederick faced trial for shooting and killing a cop during a search warrant. I would go on to get (50) fifty years to serve, while he only received (8) eight years. I use his case as a comparison because I wonder was my fate predetermined by the color of my skin? Or was it determined by the fact that I could not afford an expensive high profile Attorney such a Broceletti who represented him? Does Justice really come at a Cost or is it just severely misunderstand?

Please join in and support my call for justice. More infor is available on Inmateblogger.com, Facebook (Tommie Forster). Or I can be reached at: tommieforster@gmail.com

Tommie Forster #1403251
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville VA 23922

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  1. You didn’t receive 50 years because you were black or couldn’t afford a high profile lawyer. You are a disgusting human being who received 50 years for stalking, abusing, assaulting, choking, and using blunt force trauma to kill a young woman you once dated that didn’t want your sorry ass anymore. Don’t play victim. You are not a victim of injustice. You got what you deserved, at least what the law allows. I know quite a few people that would rather see you dead for what you did and think the years you will serve in prison are an injustice. You should have been sentenced to death. Had someone come and choke you and lodge a wooden log in your scalp like you did to that woman. Then leave you to die gasping for breath. That’s what should have happened to you. But instead you get to sit in prison and write ‘blogs’ with terrible grammar and try to make people feel sorry for you. You are a shit stain of a human. You deserve no ones sympathy. Die soon and rot in hell.


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