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Am I Jewish Yet? by Jennifer Warren


Hello Folks! Peace be with you, live long and prosper,and all of that good stuff. I would like to formally welcome anyone reading this now to “Am I Jewish Yet?” Over the last year, I have begun to spend a lot of time with the Jewish community at my institution. I listen to Rabbis and other visitors talk about Judaism. I read with interest the “Jewish Journal” and books on Judaism. But, rarely do I get the perspective on Jewish life from the point of view of those who are considering conversion (hate that word, BTW- will explain more in a future post). So, I have decided to take matters into my own hands and begin writing about my own experiences. Therefore, this blog is dedicated all people curious about Judaism and those curious about those of us who are attracted to Judaism, but not quite sure where we fit in.

When left to my own devices, I often attempt to connect to my Jewish community through music. Music is almost unique in its power to dissolve boundaries and bring people together, isn’t it? On that “note”, the following is some Jewish music I have discovered that appeals to me, accessible to anyone with a JPay tablet:


1)Kirtan Rabbi – “Nondual” and “Live!”,

2)YofiYah- “Kabbalah Kirtan”

3)Various Artists (Debbie Friedman and others) -“Milken Archive Digital Vol. 4, Album 7”

4)Julie Silver- “It’s Channuka Time”

5)Various Artists – “To Life! Songs of Chanukah and Other Jewish Celebrations” (Ocho Kandelikas- Jay Levy and others)

6)Various Artists – “Ruach 5761 New Jewish Tunes”

7)Various Artists – “New Jewish Music”

8)Various Artists- “Shabbat Anthology (Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4)”

9) Various Artists (Julie Silver and others)”American Jewish Summer: Songs of the Jewish Youth”

10) Various Artists “The Road to Jerusalem”

11) Various Artists “Klezmer Cafe”

12) Various Artists “Klezmer Festival”

13) Klezmer Juice “Klezmer Juice”

14) Various Artists “Adonai”

15) Various Artists “Big Jewish Music Box”

16) Susan Colin “Be Strong”

17) Gerard Edery “Shiru Hakadosh”

18) Theodore Bikel- “Sings Yiddish Theatre Folk Songs”

19) Yiddishe Cup Klezmer Band “Yiddfellas”

20 Various Artists- “Milken Archive of Jewish Music: The American”

21) Yiddish Glory “The Lost Songs of World War II”

22) David and The High Spirit- “Real Complete Jewish Holidays and Festivals”

23) Marc Chopinsky- “Israel’s Hope”

24) Shir- “Israeli Songs”

Would love to hear your reactions to this list. Feel free to comment on this blog or recommend your own picks. Till next time, friends- Shalom!

Jennifer Warren
DOC #WF 1092

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