Jason Ferguson

Inmates Being Physically Assaulted, by Jason Ferguson

An inmate at the Warren Correctional assaulted a white female officer name Hayden for hanging up his phone call. The inmate, I don’t know his name but is a black man called Red then continued to assault her white partner as well.
Now I’m not saying what Red did was justifiable. But once Red was brought to solitary confinement by all white lieutenants, they all assaulted inmate Red in the strip down room where there are no cameras.The reason I know this is because once Red was brought to his cell in solitary confinement I spoke with him through the vents and he informed of the encounter.
When Red asked for an informal complaint form, I heard lieutenant Miller tell him he didn’t need one and that they should keep what happened between them. So I asked Red if he needed me to file an informal complaint for him I would.
Then 15 minutes after our conversation the lieutenants came and got inmate Red and dressed him in orange to transfer him else where. But when I tried to obtain the ODRC AR’s and policies the staff claim they was unable to find them.
This is just another police brutality inside the prison system. So I ask when the world ignore the cries of the helpless. And the helpless are forced to help themselves through violence,would they be wrong for committing acts of violence against those who seek to keep us oppressed through the mistreatments?
The staff may have broken Red rims while he was chained up in cuffs. Any sympathy I had for officer Hayden went away at that point. And I look forward to day when my people will open there eyes and rise up. Because until then it will remain a slow process for change.
You already that the Fair Treament Reform and Reentry blog site didn’t last but six months. Now I ask you Suzie Jennings how long will you continue to showing the world all the hate that constantly goes on to there love ones who are incarcerated.

Jason Ferguson
DOC #a408-970

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