Michael Hecht

1984, by Michael Hecht

I see they stopped the “storm area 51” raid, and all the government had to do was tell the guys who started it “don’t do that” and the raid was called off and they’re doing something else instead. Did they expect no resistance at a military base? Not much of a storm, more of a drizzle. That’s how weak our society has become, they just give up as soon as uncle Sam says no to something.That’s why our government has so much control over our lives and so much data on everyone. What made them decide to storm area 51 and not congress or the white house? Watch them soil themselves when 2 million people march in to remind them who they’re supposed to be working for. It hasn’t happened because everyone wants/thinks/wishes someone else to take care of it, no need for them to worry. No need for them to miss a critical episode of “the bachelor” or “dancing with the stars” because they’re organizing for a better life for us all when someone else, somewhere surely has our backs. Unfortunately for us, any would-be resistance movement would be to busy watching “big brother” and “blue bloods” to be much help. There is no government watchdog keeping an eye out for plumber Joe’s rights because they’re too busy keeping an eye ON him through the camera on his smartphone, as they watch him take his overpriced medication for illnesses and disorders that likely stem from a lack of proper nutrition from years of eating mass produced synthetic foods provided by the same oligarchs who provide his medication and are specifically engineered (or happy accident) to keep us weak, overweight, docile, and lacking the necessary testosterone (among other things) needed to get us off the couch, and away from the TV long enough to unplug our minds from the latest gossip about racism to take back what’s left of the country. Instead, we have 300 or so million American people acting like bystanders, watching the largest assault on our sovereignty in our countries history play out before our very eyes through these fake controversies, fake news, fake movements on TV using paid actors, and fake solutions to fake problems all paid for by the unelected officials that really run the show while everyone stands by hoping that someone else will step forward and stop it so they don’t have to miss taco Tuesday, because it’s Tuesday and they ALWAYS go to taco bell on Tuesday night so maybe tomorrow. But wait, tomorrow is “Survivor” night. There is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is 1984. Why watch the debates? Why believe anything they say? We’re just gonna get another polished puppet for 8 years while one party stonewalls the others’ agenda and every other nation around us grows stronger. Why not everyone just strike? Refuse to cooperate. Refuse to stop protesting. Refuse court. Refuse to work. Make THEM buy us back. There’s not enough room here in prison for them to lock everyone up, I know I’m here and there’s not many empty beds and it’s actually kinda sweet here so don’t let big brother scare ya.That’s how I feel. I got angry and went off topic. Some days I care about what’s happening, then I’ll become angry that I care at all and wish it to collapse, when many things have been allowed to happen to us because we weren’t fortunate enough to be wealthy so our rights weren’t respected. Is it really as bad out there as it feels to me? How do you feel? If you feel like enlightening me, or enraging me, write back at:

Michael Hecht #719-220
p.o. box 69 L.O.C.I
London, OH 43140

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