Archie Wilder


Empathy is a quality that most people today (myself included at times) don’t display. Most people do not care about the problems of other people unless it affects them directly. As human beings we can be judgmental at times. I know that in times past I’ve been critical of people who have made bad decisions that I would have never made. But it was only because I was looking at it from my point of view.To be empathetic means to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Until you do that, you can never be truly empathetic. It’s easy to sit back and point out other people’s flaws and mistakes, without knowing there background or life experiences. Some people had no control over certain things in their lives. Kids born to parents who have drug problems. People born into poverty, people born into war torn countries. Things that they had no control over. Human beings have the ability to be empathetic. We have just become so numb to the things that we see in the world, its become the norm. So we tend to be less empathetic to our fellow mans plight. So the next you see someone doing something you don’t agree with,instead of judging there actions try to understand there views or their background even if you don’t agree them. Godspeed.

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