Kyle Muller

A Generational Thing, by Kyle Muller

For the majority of my life I have been told that I have “an old soul” . I will be 30 years old soon but I have been 30 for at least 10 years now. Being raised in a strict household I was always told to odey my elders so at the time that was everyone around me. My Mother was real close with my Grandmothers and all my Aunts and Uncles so naturally everything they liked I was interested in. All my favorite movies are from the 80’s and 90’s. Some are much older than that like GREASE, which was my mom’s favorite and now I know every word. Dancing was HUGE in my family growing up so movies like BREAKIN’ and BREAKIN’ 2 were must see films in my house. My brother’s and my father played a huge role in my taste of music. Before I was 10, some of my favorite Rappers were Master P, and DMX. During family barbeques my dad had my sister and I CONSTANTLY performing “Get off my back” by Public Enemy and “Ain’t no mountain high enough” by Marvin Gaye.
This was the same time as lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo, Aaron Carter, The backstreet boys and N’Sync but it wasn’t the same to me cause my granny couldn’t call those songs ” her jam”. My family didn’t just affect my music and style but also my etiquette and how I view things. Please and Thank You were essential tokens with getting ANYTHING accomplished for me and the value of those words remain true to me to this day. The most important aspect of my life nourished by those around me was my level of responsibility. I had to babysit my little brother when I was 5 and I had to walk to and from school at 8. All of these things just created a deeper level of understanding at a much earlier age. I’m very thankful for my families impact on the man I’ve become today and I like to show my appreciation with songs like “Stand by me” by Ben E. King every now and then.

Kyle Muller
DOC #A614-480

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