Anthony Waters

A KING, by Anthony L. Waters


Heavy is the head that wears the crown,
he is the first to hit the field,
like when the dew first touches the ground,
going hard for what he believe in,
bring tranquility to the minds &hearts of his people that’s sleeping,
makes the clothes he wears royalty,
he will die before he crumble like foil,
a king teaches his seeds how to stand,
chest poked out,
head held high while holding there hands,
a king is there with his family so they can see,
how to rule with an iron fist,
even when his fist begins to bleed,
A king,
know to call on the one true God that is quick to save,
who don’t need a board to surf the waves,
with long arms that can reach the mighty oceans deep,
who appoints time for only him to keep,
is the stitch that holds the sem,
yet realize he is only half a king without his kids or Queen…

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

Categories: Anthony Waters, poems

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