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week 2/ day 3 morning.

What’s most impressive to me in the life of St Anthony is how his life displays for us, ever so elegantly, that to possess anything is to dispossess ourselves of the greatest treasure there is, which is Christ in us the hope of Glory.

How tragic it is for a man to possess the world and forfeit his own soul.

When we lose touch with our souls we lose touch with the creator who fashioned them to connect us with Him.

We lose touch with our souls when we seek to possess the world and it’s goods apart from deep intimate fellowship with our heavily Father.

Everything we need is already supplied to us spiritually. For He has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ. ( Eph 1 )

These Spiritual blessing manifested to us physically when we believe they are already ours in Christ.

We don’t have these blessings for ourselves alone. They are meant for us to share with Him in the fellowship of His spirit

In the passage of scripture that revolutionized St Anthony’s life ( Mark 10:17-31, 21) Jesus was teaching that the gospel will always add to your life. the gospel principals, when properly applied to ones life, are always an addition and never a subtraction.

The problem is our lack of things but in our lack of belief in the Lord as the good Shepard of our souls.

If we believed this truth we would say as David did in Psalms 23 (” The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.”)

McQueen Varnes
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