Archie Wilder


I have a friend of mine, who I care about.I’ve never tried to do anything but help them. But we have been having a few arguments lately about a certain subject matter. I really trusted this friend, and they have denied it to the end.And today I got 100% factual proof of what I already knew all a long. I’m a little hurt by what I found out. But I’m more hurt by how I found out, and the fact that they lied to me. I already have trust issues, and this will make me question people even more. I don’t understand,why lie to me if I’m your friend? I’m not going to judge you or give up on you for your choices.I just hate to see people make airhead decisions. Why put your trust in someone who is only out to use you?And then when faced with the truth, they still denied it. And I guess that’s what was more alarming than anything. Because I never expected that out of them. It hurt, but I will be fine. I’m just glad that I’m finding out now. Because even though I don’t like the decision that was made, I still would have been their for him no matter what. I hate to be lied to, so I don’t know what was real and fake about our friendship. Like I always say,time reveals everything. Sometimes when you find out what you already know, it still hurts even though you expected it.

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  1. I understand. Trust doesn’t come easy, so when you finally alloe yourself to start believing in someone then you find out they weren’t being honest either. How do you know if anything they said was true? I know how you feel. It’s not easy and the pain and struggle is real!


  2. I think at some point, we can all relate to that feeling of betrayal. Yet who can say they will not lie? Image the scene in some pretty little cottage garden, surrounded by people we are not familiar with, eating cucumber sarnies off of some posh place and it’s all “More tea vicar?” ~ “Please pass the sugar tongs” ~ “Thank you, nice weather we’re having” ~ “Wait!, there’s a mark on here and it is still warm, I can smell what it is, so who the hell was it that spilt coffee on my hand made embroidered table cloth?!” LOL Well if it was me, I might not own up and who would, for what good can come from always doing so? I might be all “Let’s get something to dab it with and see if it comes out, no harm done…” For I am just as capable of telling lies when I feel I need to, as the next person. “More tea vicar?”


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