Archie Wilder

ONLY IN PRISON (part 2), by Archie Wilder

Today someone could have lost their life about a prison fan.About a fan that belongs to the state of Ohio and doesn’t belong to any inmate in this prison. But they were willing to fight each other to the death about it. Someone last night could’ve lost their life about a prison phone that belongs to global tel link. Just because someone feels they have the right to tell someone else they can’t use the phone just because of what city they are from or what race they are or because they are considered to be weak. Someone could’ve lost their life the other day about a poker game and a dice game. Not to mention all the rapes,murders and suicides I’ve witnessed over the past 18 1/2 yrs. Oh and by the way did I mention I have no business being here?I’ve already successfully passed two polygraph examinations, and I’m about to take a third. I’m going to do whatever it takes to obtain my freedom. So when I see all these things going on around me that would affect any human being, it makes it ten times worse for a person who doesn’t belong here. Some days it pushes my sanity to the brink.And at times I can take my frustrations and stresses out on the people the closes to me.And that isn’t fair to them. So I have to do a lot of apologizing sometimes. I made a promise to myself,I’m going to do better. I cannot allow the stresses of prison life to ruin the bonds that have with the people I care about. I HAVE TO LIGHTEN UP A BIT:-) And take one moment at a time. My freedom cannot come soon enough.So to all the people I care about thank you for being understanding on my weird stressed out days. And I will continue daily to work on them and to eventually make them disappear.

DOC #414-917

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  1. The sooner the better. Else more than one person does the time. Makes no sense. Appreciate the support you have and be grateful for them. Sorry to read about your situation, it has to be the worse. Good luck fighting, stay up, peace


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