Thank You!

“I am so excited and so honored to be a part of! Thank you so much for connecting with me.” -Jennifer Sloan

“Thank You so much for creating a place for inmates to express whats in their hearts and soul. God Bless You.” -Samuel Jones Jr.

“Dear Suzie, I would like to thank you for giving a voice to the voiceless.” -Dana Rister

“Thank you Mrs.Jennings for making a difference.” -Samuel Jones

“u are very much appreciated.” -Judah Hargrove

“Hello and good afternoon to you. I thank you for the opportunity to write and express myself through your vehicle of computerized conversations. I salute you and appreciates your vision because the ideal seems so important and helpful in many possible ways.” -Alvin King

“Your goodwill is truly ingratiating. Again, Thank You So Much For Your Time (Man’s Most Precious Commodity) And Your Efforts.” -Joshua Hairston

“Ms. Suzie, what you are doing is a fantastic thing. There are not many people like you in this world. Thank you for the opportunity.” -Mumin Israfil

“Thank you again for your incredible heart and kindness.” -Mark Blain

“Thank you very much for this and for all that you do to help give prisoners a voice!” -Jennifer Warren

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