Steven Jennings

GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, by Steven Jennings

My beautiful wife Suzie and I have decided to divorce. It was a hard decision because we still love each other.

I’ll always cherish the love and pure joy she brought to my life. On so many days she was my warm ray of sunshine when thunder clouds tried to roll in.

As many of you know, prison relationships are hard.
It finally took it’s tolle on my beloved Suzie and our marriage. So we’ve agreed to end the marriage, but remain close, loving friends.

I feel a tremendous sense of loss. Thank God I have Spencer to help soften the blow. Spencer is my 8 month old Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix. He’s also my celly as I live in a single man cell with him. The incredible love and affection he gives me is extremely comforting.

Steven Jennings
DOC #727504

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  1. Steve and Suzie I have a lot of respect for you both Steve might not remember me but we were friends in prison I have a lot of respect for him as a person and out of anyone I had met incarcerated he is the one person I felt got a raw deal meaning hes not your typical prisoner and he’s very talented well spoken and genuine he gave me great advice and friendship for the time I knew him I really miss him…. It makes me happy you to have resolved things and remain in close contact I can relate to divorce because I’m also in the process to a person I was destined to marry and now things are coming to and end after 25 plus years some incarcerated most not but saying this I wish y’all the best John Dupille AkA Pickle


  2. rochellejohansen
    3m ago
    sorry to hear that also. i know your brother Donald


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