John Hudson

Love Letter, by John Hudson

Bittersweet love, how you doin, its been a minute?
Hope all is well with you while living beyond the fences
our last conversation had ended without an ending
so I’m sending you this letter of penitentiary venting
No need to mention my mission within the system
Just know that its a struggle but still I handle my business
so letting it burn is a blessing in turn
Its my life, keep fighting that’s the lesson I’ve learned
But now I’m more concerned with the questions I have
about the connection on tab that we seldomly had
It was love that we shared and respect that we had
to make us last forever thru the best and the bad
You were something like my better half
but rather trip about some petty cash
both young with some heavy bags
and tho your tongue held a lot of class
making treasure outta trash is a helluva task
you’ll never find another better than the one that you had
Now I’m stressing and tears ain’t comin down my eyes
so I had to let the pen cry
And tho I never found out why, I’m just reluctantly saying g’ bye

Now we were once two souls of the same kind
even shared the same goals once upon a time
Now I’m steady searchin for something that I can’t find
they say nothing changes a heart like a changed mind
Now I’m stuck in the stages and thinking about the wonder years
when nothing mattered but love conquering every fear
I’m hoping it reappears, my focus no longer clear
send me a sign I’m blind baby I need you here
I’m just speaking sincere but don’t know how to act
I can’t control the fact, i wish I could turn time back
I’m stuck in a loop and don’t know what to do
I’m reluctant to love another after loving you
My mom she thinks your bad for my health
and plus everyone else says I’m only out for self
so why should I not leave you alone
when we did each other wrong for too long
but life goes on after this love letter!

DOC #572-824

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