Davin Wallace

See U Before U See Me, by Davin Wallace

What if u take your future spouse to meet your family & their first comments to your love one is, “What do u see in him or her?”
That would be something. But what would be really something, is if your significant other response is that he or she see a true child of God & assured your family that by God’s grace they see God’s love, faithfulness & godliness thru u.
That would be great! But unfortunately everybody doesn’t see their significant other beyond their past just as God does.
In Acts 9, God directed Ananias to heal Saul, a known persecutor of the church whom God had blinded. Ananias pointed out Saul past as a persecutionor & executioner. But God told Him to not focus on who Saul had been but on who he had become, an evangelist who would bring the good news to all the world. Ananias saw Saul the persecutor, but God saw Paul the apostle & evangelist. Some people see Dave the drug dealer, womanizer, liar & convict rather than the man of God, minister(giver) of love, father, grace, mercy, peacemaker, faithfulness etc. We can sometimes view ourselves & or others only as we have been w/all of our failures & shortcomings. But God sees us as new creations, not who we were but who we are in Jesus & who we are becoming thru the power of the Holy Spirit. If people only would allow God to teach them to view themselves & others in that way, they would learn how to see what God sees to begin to live w/& amongst others as God intended instead of behind the shallow curtain of judgement & false righteousness that keep them from the presence of God & His chosen. Getting in the presence of God sometimes go be getting in the presence of others who u have been neglecting, judging & not forgiving.

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851

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